Alessia and her Philosophy

Thank you so much for coming to Alessia Pagani profile.

Horses have always been a huge force in her life, she has been driven to be with them as far back as she remember. Alessia wanted to be around them when she was a kid as a way to have fun, and to find peace. She was hooked on to horses immediately as a girl. Alessia has never been really good at talking but she understood very quickly that there were different and deeper ways to communicate with horses without “saying” any words.

fter the first years, Alessia started to ride other peoples horses to pay part of her studies spending a great deal of time in the saddle and most of it alone; only after college she decided that she wanted them in her life 24 – 7, no matter what challenges she had to face.

In order to follow this decision Alessia packed her suitcase, booked her flight and went to Colorado. Coming from a suburban house where the environment was mostly show jumper, here she had the opportunity to live, alone with a herd of Spanish Mustangs and to experience her first cowboy life. The close contact with those horses allowed her to develop her feel, understand their language, their needs and the dynamics of the herd.

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When her visa was expired, Alessia came back to Europe and she started to work in Switzerland,  where she got the possibility to start some colts and gi

ve lessons. Until she got in contact with the horse that she didn’t know would have changed her life, “her Hondo”: a 3 years old open range stallion, with a very high level of self preservation.

Back then Alessia’s knowledge and experience were definitely not enough to keep the horse and herself safe.

“Solution of problems often come from knowing when to ask for help” Buck Brannaman_The Faraway Horses.


It was time to ask for help. Going through websites and magazines Alessia noticed that Paul Dietz, a rare last connection to what she calls the world’s greatest horsemen (Tom and Bill Dorrance, Ray Hunt and Buck Brannaman), was not only in Europe but near her in Switzerland.

Paul, with his humility, talent, dedication and determination, learned from the best teachers, and in the last 20 years has become an international horseman creating partnerships between horses and people.

Paul came and helped Alessia with her little stud. She saw him getting more changes with that horse in a couple of hours than she ever figured that anybody can do with a horse.

Alessia was totally inspired by him; she couldn’t really tell what this man was doing but the horse did. She remembers thinking “I don’t even know what it is, but whatever it is I need this”.


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Alessia and Paul riding in AZ

Alessia was so hooked on that she ended up following Paul back to Arizona and spend 3 months with him. Paul introduced her to this horsemanship and literally opened a new door to her inner self.

That trip overseas was absolutely fabulous. So much that every winter since then she still travel there for her learning time with him.

Be aware: when she says fabulous she doesn’t mean easy.

“Learning is not easy because is about something you don’t know”. Margaret Dorrance

In Arizona the days roll between riding a bunch of horses, starting challenging touchy colts and helping people during the clinics and the privates lessons. 

Alessia and Buck Brannaman during a clinic in AZ

Sometimes Alessia and Paul also experiment the teaching of the teaching: he supervises her while she helps some of his clients with their horses or the one “in training”.

It is really COOL for her having Paul’s solid guidance through these lessons. Probably is also interesting for him to see how his thoughts and knowledge are revisited from a student who spend a third of the year with him.

Every year, after her “School College” time with Paul, Alessia comes back to Europe and day by day she interacts in different situations and help people and horses that need directions. She spends these months between Switzerland, England, Ireland, Italy, Germany and Sweden (with the open minded to extend to more countries)

Alessia enjoys teaching humans as much as helping horses. What she does is above any movement or gimmicks. It’s about feel, timing and balance; and as Tom Dorrance once said you can compare it to to the stick of a broom perpendicular in balance on a thumb.

Alessia’s goal is to help people to make a change with their horses from the inside out. Partnering them, improving them to be better than they were yesterday. Letting their horses to be their best teacher. Just like Alessia’s horses have been with her, from the backyard ponies of the suburb to the one she starts and ride today.