“My favourite students are the one who are addicted to a better way, a better path for both themselves and their horse”

Horses and people of all levels and disciplines are welcome.

_MG_3148 2It doesn’t matter which horse you have, which breed he is, what sort of saddle you ride, or who made it. You can wear a hard hat, a flat hat, or a ball cap. All that really matters is your desire to learn to be a true partner with your horse.

Although Alessia offer several different types of programs, horsemanship is always the foundation for all of her programs. The fundamentals of horsemanship apply across ages, disciplines, skill levels and goals.


Through horsemanship Alessia can help any horse and rider whether their goal is showing, develop the physical athleticism, finding a job to do or improve the one you do, and having fun doing it.




A program for horses that haven’t been started or may have been started with an approach that might be giving problems now down the road.

Starting is very important: the first impressions last a lifetime and how a colt is started defines him for the rest of his life. That’s why a strong foundation is highly important during this program; when young horses are trained in a fair, consistent way they maintain their soundness and confident outlook.

Alessia’s philosophy in colt starting (and problem solving) is to treat that horse like he’s going to go to the top of his field, whether Grand Prix dressage, vaquero Bridle Horse or Olympic jumper, whatever the  horse’s future Alessia’s metichilous approach gives the horse the foundations that he can go there.

“Treat your horse like a genius and he’ll believe it” Buck Brannaman

The ultimate goal is for each horse to be moving freely with a rider so that they leave with a solid foundation on which to continue further improving.



Lezioni Individuali.jpg

“Let the horse tell you what his understanding is”  Joe Wolter

Whether you want to compete, have a new challenge, get a specific “issue” sorted, or just improve your horsemanship, this program gives an individual attention to horse and rider, always geared toward improving the relationship between them.

The emphasis is on horse and rider teamwork in all its different forms.

For some their goal is safety and confidence with their horse.                               Many students come looking to learn a job with their horse that they can have fun doing whether jumping, polo, cow working, roping, mounted archery or sword fighting on horseback. Some people come for private lessons with the goal of improving their horse’s athleticism and working on maneuvers. Whatever your goal is, it’s about you and the horse together and that’s what Alessia loves.

Alessia is an amazing lady who can help you to elevate the communication with your horse and with those skills you can develop into a great horseman/woman.  Elke

Alessia works on exposing her students to different situations so they will develop their feel in order to understand the deeper mechanics, in a way that allows them to present their ideas to the horse in a consistent and reliable manner so that both horse and rider feel confident and successful.



Alessia also offer one or two day workshops that work towards improving good horsemanship in a group atmosphere.  These are opportunities to share the learning with multiple horses and riders in our midst (something we don’t always have the opportunity to ride with others).


Because Alessia works with the horse where it is on that day, and no two horses and people are alike, no two Alessia’s workshops are alike.              Riders of all skill levels and disciplines are always welcome.

Alessia tries to be an innovative teacher, always adjusting to fit the situation and to meet the needs of riders and their horses.

The workshops are focus on the learning to recognize the needs of the horse and offer support to help him become more sure when needed.  Develop feel, timing, trust and confidence that can be applied to all the aspects of the partnership between horse and rider.

The advantage of a workshop is that is always possible and using exercises that take advantage of a group, learning from each other, sharing good horsemanship with good people while having good time.